Baz Salmon


Location: Australia

Spiritual Artist.

As a child I had an aptitude for the Arts,a love of drawing,dance and music. I dabbled in painting at High School but never contemplated the Arts as a career.

After a varied career path,I found myself as a qualified Horticulturist working at a Resort in Broome Western Australia

I received an invite to attend a 2 hour workshop at a local Art Gallery. This was February 2006,that simple workshop ignited a flame that still burns to this day.

Six months prior to receiving the invite I started to read "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. Like my invite this book came to me by chance. Many changes took place as I began to discover who I truely am. I made the connection with my inner self.

I began to write poetry in September 2012 and over the following year I wrote over 80 poems. I'm now creating paintings that reflect the poems spiritual message.

I intend to release a series of books, 25 paintings/25 poems (4 in total) with an additional introductory book 1 painting/1 poem to explain my spiritual awakening/self realization story.

The introductory book has been made and I hope to have this published and receive the support to publish all my books.

I have completed the paintings for the first 2 books and the poems for the first 3 books.

Just having fun doing this stuff.


Baz Salmon.

More information about my experience and examples of my work can be found on my website

I am on Face Book (Baz Salmon).

I can be contacted directly on my mobile phone,
number 61 404425579


My Paintings and Poems

These images are some of my work I have completed over the past year.

 Beach Lovers 91 cm x 121 cm x 2 cm Oils on canvas “ Beach Lovers 91 cm x 121 cm x 2 cm Oils on canvas ”

Beach Lovers
What begins with pure primal attraction,
the recognition of your being in another.
Connection from the deepest level of satisfaction,
the possibility of discovering your ultimate lover.

That initial spark conveyed between two,
can only arrive in divine right time.
When you meet someone who’s just like you,
a mutual energy shared that feels sublime.

A new found song of infactuation,
that plays on repeat within your mind.
A manual on love without instruction,
an explanation you just won’t find.

At the table of love you are consumed,
in a world where only two exist.
The two are now fully attuned,
with nothing left to resist.

The courtship of love has now begun,
where true friendship begins to flourish.
A wonderful time to enjoy the fun,
a loving friend on which to nourish.

A time to see who you are,
in the relationship of equality.
How you both feel so far,
in dealing with this new reality.

Now intimacy is shared in all it’s glory,
on the physical level two souls unite.
This eternal loving spiritual story,
naturally continues like day and night.

Baz Salmon 11.09.2018

Always there   Framed 91 cm x 121 cm x 3 cm Enamels on wood (Pine) “Always there Framed 91 cm x 121 cm x 3 cm Enamels on wood (Pine)”

Always there
I have a favourite place where I love to walk,
and notice the same Heron is always there.
The bird said could we please talk,
I have something very important to share.

Listening to what nature has to say,
I give the Heron my full attention.
It states the blue sky is there every day,
it’s not a form of re-invention.

Do you know who you truly are?
was my friends next question.
You don’t have to go very far,
to discover my next suggestion.

Your inner self is like the blue sky,
that co-exists with your outer self.
Life experiences like clouds will pass by,
but “ Life “ remains on your inner shelf.

I said to my friend how do you know?
that what you say is true.
With the reply of you must go,
to the empty space within you.

I am a being that has no thought,
where the mind has not evolved.
Unlike a person who is caught,
in a mind that remains unsolved.

In the empty space of no thought,
is where your blue sky resides.
Let go of everything that’s taught,
about what a conditioned mind hides.

Baz Salmon 15.11.2018

Wake Up   Framed 121 cm x 91 cm x 3 cm Enamels on wood (Pine) “Wake Up Framed 121 cm x 91 cm x 3 cm Enamels on wood (Pine)”

Wake Up
Wake up dear Ravern,
we wait on your caw.
Transform your ignorant haven,
before we completely fall.

Pay attention to nature my people,
notice the stillness that’s there.
Like silence in a holy steeple,
holding the soundless words of prayer.

But we are always so busy,
and everything needs to be done.
Our minds are forever dizzy,
and there’s just no time for fun.

Think back to your childhood,
when you only thought of now.
Not wondering if I should,
but just thinking of how.

We are more important than you,
tell us something that’s real.
Only proven logic will do,
forget about what we feel.

Discover the greatest knowledge,
That’s beyond a mind that’s taught.
Not found in any University or Colledge,
but in a mind without thought.

You are your own saviour,
once in the awakened state.
Recognizing your past conditioned behavior,
will determine your destined fate.

Baz Salmon 31. 05. 2018

Fishing   76 cm x 76 cm x 4 cm Oils on canvas “Fishing 76 cm x 76 cm x 4 cm Oils on canvas”

Are you always fishing,
for a catch to land?
A continual form of wishing,
unaware it’s on the sand.

All the fish you require,
lives in your inner sea.
Every species you desire,
is available and absolutely free.

You are the destination,
where you cast your line.
What often ends in frustration,
wanting everything to be fine.

Convert your fishing tool,
and propel your line inside.
Unlatch your reels inner spool,
to where the real fish reside.

Abundance is your inner ocean,
that contains every wave.
Perpetual expansion in motion,
fulfilment on what you crave.

Casting your line within,
will bring what you need.
The place where you only win,
once you begin to concede.

Your greatest ever catch,
swims inside of you.
The fish and you match,
in a oneness that is true.

Baz Salmon 16.10.2018

Tricky   76 cm x 60 cm x 2 cm Oils on canvas “Tricky 76 cm x 60 cm x 2 cm Oils on canvas”

Sometimes life can feel tricky,
when nothing seems to go right.
Where people and situations are clicky,
then you start to become uptight.

Life will always have it’s challengers,
from which we have to learn.
Especially when we are beginners,
using the senses with which to discern.

To function with normal insanity,
is part of the human existence.
Then at some point there’s clarity,
in the form of a sartori experience.

Often overlooked as something strange,
this insight is like a sneek peak.
An event that you didn’t arrange,
that is seen when you don’t seek.

Realizing that there’s more to life than this,
and often refered to as your intuition.
Experiencing a deep dimension of bliss,
by going beyond all levels of inhibition.

The discovery of your inner lair,
something like your own secret den.
A place of space beyond compare,
what the Budda refered to as Zen.

A new awareness has now begun,
where all life’s tricks are shown.
Feeling a new level of conscious fun,
the unconscious self has become out grown.

Baz Salmon 14.11.2018