Stephen Wise

I am a water-colour Artist and I have written an overview of me.
I had carefree childhood spent freely roaming the hills and moors around the High Peak, Derbyshire UK, studying nature and allowing my imagination to develop. From this existence I derived the ability to immerse myself in my own imaginary world; a skill that has not left me, and provides the bedrock upon which my artworks are constructed.

My greatest passion and primary motivation is my overwhelming urge to create art, and make visionary statements accessible to the widest audience possible.
This communicative instinct means my paintings convey as much to the youngest child as to the most experienced critic. Indeed, this pure, almost childlike, way of thinking can be seen in evidence throughout my portfolio, and is the hallmark which sets me apart from many of my contemporaries.

The difference with me is that the components originate in my own visionary observations, and it is this imaginative methodology that makes my art form so unique. My style is hard to pinpoint and is difficult to associate with any genre. Critics have described me as a Contemporary, Folk and Outsider Artist to name but a few. I am happy to be known as a Surreal Water-colourist.


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