Jean Paul Soujol Benedetti

jean paul soujol benedetti

Location: France

Jean-Paul Soujol has been practicing photography for more than a decade. In a constant search for creativity and inspiration, he evolves technically and artistically. He started with landscape photography and moved towards minimalism with long exposure, square format and now towards abstraction with a plastician approach. His latest works, always minimalist and square, are part of a more conceptual vision.

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Art Catalogs:
2023 - Contemporary Celebrity Masters vol 3-2023 - EFFETTO ARTE Foundation
2023 - International Prize PEGASUS for the Arts - EFFETTO ARTE Foundation
2022 - WE CONTEMPORARY – International Art Catalog – MUSA - Serradifalco Editore - Palermo , Italy – ISBN – 978-88-946260-3-2
2022 - WERE ARE REVERSAL – MUSA PAVILION – VENICE 2022 – MUSA - Serradifalco Editore - Palermo , Italy – ISBN 9-788894-626025



Contemporary, modern abstract minimalism and blue artworks are the themes of this portfolio.

Inaugural space “Inaugural space”

An imaginary, minimalist and infinite world. An absolute search for deep blue.

blue abstract “blue abstract”

Contemporary blue abstract seascape.

Contemporary - abstract “Contemporary - abstract”

Modern vision of seascape

Monochrome “Monochrome”

Monochrome - Minimalism - Blue - Contemporary

Monochrome II “Monochrome II”

Blue contemporary

pink line “pink line”

Contemporary and minimalism artwork.