Paddy Bailie

I am a contemporary artist based in West Sussex, UK.
I specialise in semi-abstract and impressionistic paintings with an emphasis on the landscape and natural environments.
Inspiration for my work frequently comes from travelling through and over the landscape capturing the shapes, forms, light and colours hoping to convey the sensual experiences of being there. Recent topics have included 'The South Downs', 'Cloudscapes', 'Through the Clouds' and 'Up in the Clouds'.
Most of my works are in oil on canvas. Preparatory sketches are often drawn with charcoal, pen and ink on paper and mixed media and collage.
I frequently work on themes and enjoy the journey of what paint will do and how marks and colours interact with each other.
I usually build up layers of paint and scrape and wipe them back to reveal their history thereby developing greater intensity and depth in the work.
I regularly attend courses at the Seawhite Studio, West Sussex
and for a number of years I have exhibited locally and entered competitions.


Paddy Bailie

My recent topics' all in oil on canvas or board have included 'The South Downs',' Cloudscapes', 'Through the Clouds ' and 'Up in the Clouds'.

More examples can be seen on my website -

Cloud Series No 234 “Cloud Series No 234”

Oil on Canvas - 93cm x73cm -white framed- £300 plus P&P

Cloud Series No 248 “Cloud Series No 248”

Oil on board - 85cm x 60cm - white frame - SOLD

South Downs.Kithurst Hill No 208 “South Downs.Kithurst Hill No 208”

Oil on Canvas -30cm X40cms - unframed - £90 plus P&P

Up in The Clouds Diptych No 241 “Up in The Clouds Diptych No 241”

Oil on wooden boards - Diptych -100cm x50cm - white framed- £300 plus P&P

Through the Clouds No 231 “Through the Clouds No 231”

Oil on canvas - 50cm x 50cm - unframed- £180 plus P&P