Leslie Abraham

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Leslie attended New World School Of The Arts College in Miami, FL from 2013-2015. She has been working in the arts for almost a decade. Aside from her personal art practice she has taught private art lessons. Leslie now resides in the Detroit, Michigan area and gains inspiration from its history and unique architecture, flora and fauna.
"As an artist, my practice focuses on capturing the beauty and emotion of the natural world, particularly through the use of subtle colors and keen attention to detail. My passion for painting the world around me stems from my desire to celebrate and preserve the fleeting moments of beauty that exist all around us, especially in unexpected places.
Through my work, I am to capture the delicate and ephemeral, as well as the haunting and melancholic. I believe that these feelings hold a certain poetic power that can evoke strong feelings in the viewer, and it is my hope that my paintings will inspire a sense of wonder, contemplation, and appreciation for the subtle beauty we witness just by looking around us. Whether depicting the delicate petals of a flower or the peeling paint of an abandoned house, I strive to create works that are both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally resonant.
Overall, my goal as an artist is the create evocative paintings that connect with the viewer on a personal level."


The Secret Life of Places

Places and spaces have been a source of inspiration for me since I began to make art. Often void of people but not void of personality, they stand without their inhabitants reflecting a hidden life of their own. It is within this emptiness that change is allowed to happen. The secret life of homes and architecture continue to be an inspiration because of the many emotions they conjure in us as they change.

Ice Cream Truck Graveyard “Ice Cream Truck Graveyard”

12 x 9, oil on canvas, 2020

Palace Cleaners “Palace Cleaners”

12 x 16, acrylic on claybord, 2021

Leslie Street Specimen A “Leslie Street Specimen A”

16 x 20, oil on canvas, 2022

Just Around The Corner “Just Around The Corner”

12 x 12, oil on canvas, 2022

Botanicals and Radicals

Taking nature as a source of artistic inspiration started with my great grandmother Marge Vallee. She was a plein air painter that mostly sought out florals and landscapes, replicating the beauty of her day-to-day life. I am a lot like her in these ways, what drives me is often an appreciation for simple beauty and the wonderment of nature. However, I would like to take my botanical paintings a step further by using experimental techniques and mediums to push the boundaries of texture and representation of organic forms onto the canvas.

Wishing You Well “Wishing You Well”

36 x 48, acrylic on canvas, 2022

Lily of the Valley “Lily of the Valley”

18x18, acrylic on canvas, 2021