Location: France

French, born in 1951 in Royan. Miserable and atheistic parents.
However, as far as my memory allows, I have the memory of a strong spiritual appetite which only grew thereafter. Consequently I devoured many readings centered on spirituality, wisdom, religions but also painting. My two passions, spirituality and painting were born and would accompany me all my life. At the same time, I followed graduate studies in an engineering school and a professional career in various management positions.
Between 2000 and 2011, I made several pilgrimages to India and stayed in several ashrams. I came back imbued with the sublime energies of the temples and nourished by the wisdom of the guides. After this long Yin period (reception assimilation), my Yang period (creation sharing) has been intense in painting since 2014.
Catholic Christian, I believe that everything has meaning and everything is alive. This innate and intuitive conviction has been reinforced by the study of Taoism, shamanism, Alchemy and the Vedas. In addition to the gospels, I am in search of everything that unites and is a common basis for different religions and different spiritual traditions. I am in search of knowledge rather than knowledge.
On the artistic level, the subject guides me and also imposes itself in terms of styles. I stay in a figurative form to always share meaning, it goes from expressionism to pop art with sometimes primary art.


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