Ayat Alhaji

I am a British-Syrian artist based in the UAE. I have enjoyed painting since
I was awarded an MA in Art & Politics [2012: Goldsmiths College,
University of London] and a BA in Visual Arts [2006: Winchester School of
Art, University Of Southampton, UK].
Throughout my art journey I studied Art history and various schools of art.
I analyzed the works of numerous artists, some were a great inspiration on
my work, however I developed my own methods and techniques through
my experiences.
Beside painting, I worked on multimedia like video art, photography, and
3D installations. I have also developed my own form of "sculpted
canvases”, in which a canvas painting has been raised in three dimensional
relief with the adding of mixed media like fabric, cotton wool, plants,
seeds and others.
I have exhibited works in Europe and the Middle East, including few solo
shows, one of which was sponsored by the Sharjah Culture and Art
Department in the UAE.
One of my artworks has been archived at the Museum of London
Docklands following a group project on gentrification in London.
I created and coordinated several community art projects and public
events working with diverse communities, schools and colleges,
sponsored and supported by local city councils.
I usually work on projects. Each project is made of several or more works
that share the same theme


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