Deborah Bergren

I’m an ever learning artist who strives to bring my joy of the creation I experience onto canvas. I believe this is a gift from God to share with others and hope they find peace in what they see.


Local Landscapes

I hike a lot near my home in Michigan. There are many times I catch my breath at a beautiful scene and I have hundreds of photos from my hikes from which I draw inspiration for my paintings.

Kindness “Kindness”

Kindness comes in many forms, man made and God given. This scene told me of both.


My husband and I celebrated our 40th anniversary in Scotland and were blown away by its beauty. I hope I conveyed our experience in my art!

The Road to Loch Marrie “The Road to Loch Marrie”

An iconic scene with the sweeping curves of a road passing by fields of autumn bracken and heather on to a misty loch.

Not Where I Belong “Not Where I Belong”

I can feel the longing in the old fishing boat loaded with lobster traps with the sea in view.


An autumn motorcycle trip to Vermont.

Lake Willoughby “Lake Willoughby”

A beautiful, crystal clear lake in a beautiful state.


Sunrises remind us of our faithful Creator!

When Morning Gilds the Skies “When Morning Gilds the Skies”

There was a hymn we sang in church when I was a kid and it came to mind as I painted this.