Therese Boisclair

Therese Boisclair

Location: Canada

Thérèse Boisclair lives in Ottawa (Canada). She studied photography and experimented in a number of medium before discovering painting. She worked with watercolour for over 18 years and is now using all of its techniques in her work with acrylic on tissue paper.

Her inspiration is the emotion of the moment, it determines the colors that she uses. Her brush is guided only by her imagination. From the fragile tissue paper, from the movement of her brush and the colours she uses, emerge fluid and luminous landscapes. Thérèse Boisclair creates paintings that depict the unique atmosphere reminiscent of abstract landscapes that inspire us in the maze of our own imagination.

Her abstract landscapes have been seen in numerous exhibitions in Canada, Europe and the United States. We find her works in private and public collections in many countries. She won many awards on the national and international scene and continues to make her mark wherever she exhibits.



Acrylic on tissue paper,
on gallery canvas

Sparkling Reflections “Sparkling Reflections”

Acrylic on Tissue Paper,30.X30" (2012)

Shades of Green “Shades of Green”

Acrylic on tissue paper, 2010, 36"X 24" on gallery canvass.

Field od Poppies “Field od Poppies”

Acrylic on tissue paper, 40" X 30", 2012, on gallery canvass

Seaside Village “Seaside Village”

Acrylic on tissue paper, 2010, 30" X 24" on gallery canvass


Acrylic on Tissue Paper on Gallery Canvas

Vortex (4) “Vortex (4)”

Acrylic on Tissue Paper, 60"x60", on Gallery Canvas, 2013

Slices of Reality (4) “Slices of Reality (4)”

Acrylic on Tissue Paper, 48"x36", on Gallery Canvas, 2014

Solitary Tree “Solitary Tree”

Acrylic on Tissue Paper, 30"x30", on Gallery Canvas, 2013

Passages (4) “Passages (4)”

Acrylic on Tissue Paper, 60"x60", on Gallery Canvas, 2013