Rachel Mercer

Born in Cambridgeshire, Mercer studied at Cardiff School of Art and Design graduating in 2012 before being awarded the postgraduate programme at The Royal Drawing School. Since 2014 she has been a painter working in London. She has exhibited in the UK and China. Stand-out exhibitions include: Christie's London, 2013, Mercer Chance Gallery and Mandell's Gallery in 2018, San Mei Gallery in 2019, Fitzrovia Gallery 2022 and Aleph Contemporary in 2023. Shortlisted for the Ruth Borchard Prize and Waverton Art prize (2020) and prize winner of the Hampstead Art Society prize (2022). She had work purchased for the Royal Collection by HM The Prince of Wales.

Mercer’s paintings juxtapose everyday scenes and classical themes creating haunting images where the subject fades into the sensuality of the medium. The figures in her work move and dissolve across the canvas, simultaneously creating a sense of disappearance and presence.



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