Melissa Tobia

Melissa Tobia has been interested in doing art and drawing, as soon as she could hold a pencil.

As a child she liked to draw flowers, bunnies and cabbage patch faces. As a teenager she advanced to drawing a mix of topics like hands, portraits, animals and landscapes. Her mother used to save gift boxes for her to paint on as practice, and surprisingly found this to be a great surface in which to paint. She was particularly fascinated with a combination of watercolor finalized with pen-&-ink and enjoyed utilizing different techniques like stippling and crosshatching.

Art was her therapy. Art was her escape. She spent most of her spare time learning new techniques and improving her skills for drawing and painting. Her art teachers were impressed by her work and took her under their wing, and making her feel special, with one helping her prepare to get into college.

After receiving her A.A.S. degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology and her B.F.A. in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts. She embarked on a career as a graphic designer for 27 years before deciding to dedicate more time to her art.

Presently, she is currently focused on flowers, portraits and landscapes, trying to capture an inside view, or macro, of the flower. Fascinated with texture and the use of very vivid colors, she likes to capture interesting views and make use of cropping at various angles.

Pastels, watercolors, colored pencils and oil or acrylic paint are her preferred tools. Subjects chosen for portraits are ones in which are not typically posed, but of the moment captured between the viewer and the subject, to tell a story.

Melissa is heavily influenced by the works of Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Degas and Magritte, and is especially fond of the works of impressionist and surrealist artists.

She is married and has two children, they currently reside in Long Island, NY.



A Perfect Rose “A Perfect Rose”

"A Perfect Rose"
pastel on velvet grey charcoal paper
17" W x 18" H
This painting is an original Pastel painting with more of an illustrative vibrant style that captures a beautiful rose. This pastel painting was created after I took a trip to the Botanical Gardens during the summer. I always search for the most perfect delicate rose as my subject matter and find them very beautiful. I really love the petals in this photo. I like to use very vibrant colors in my art and show alot of texture.

Luminous Magnolia Grandiflora “Luminous Magnolia Grandiflora”

"Luminous Magnolia Grandiflora"
pastels on charcoal paper
23.25" W x 18" H
This painting is an original Pastel painting with an illustrative vibrant impressionistic style. This pastel painting was created based on a photograph I took in Astoria, New York. I had a beautiful Magnolia Tree in front of apartment. I also use to have a magnolia tree in front of my house as a child. I liked the softness of the background and how it blended with the front magnolia flower. I really was attracted to the colors and how they played off each other. I like to use very vibrant colors in my art. Magnolias seems to always be a part of my life because everywhere I live there is a beautiful magnolia tree.

Purple Orchid “Purple Orchid”

"Purple Orchid"
Colored pencil on grey toned mixed media paper
14" W x 11" H
This drawing is a close-up view of a beautiful purple orchid created with colored pencil. I purchased one of many orchids, this one in particular, on Mother's Day. I love orchids and find them to be very delicate but interesting and almost appearing aggressive. They remind me somewhat of an insect ready to strike. The vibrancy of color in this photograph and the closeup view of this orchid was very interesting to me as well as the color combination of purples and a splash of yellow, as well of the shadows of the underlying petals.

Apologetic “Apologetic”

Colored pencil on Grey toned mixed media paper
12" W x 24" H
This drawing is done in more of an illustrative vibrant style, depicting lilies in a vase outside on a table on a summer day. My husband gave them to me after an argument as a form of an apology. I really love lilies and wanted to capture them in a photograph to draw right away. The vibrancy of color in this photograph and the view of the lilies in the vase on the table had pulled me in and grabbed my attention demanding I draw it.


Bored “Bored”

Colored pencil on grey toned mixed media paper
22" W x 18" H
This colored pencil drawing is of my daughter. It is based on a photograph taken at a trip to the Botanical Gardens on a hot summer day. Here she was becoming extremely bored and started zoning out. She was posed sitting and leaning against a brick wall. I liked the pose that she possessed and the shadows across her face.