Medge Jaspan

Medge Jaspan is a French Abstract Artist and Positive Psychology Practitioner who graduated from Columbia University. She lives in tFlorida. She is passionate about creating and maintaining authenticity and happiness.
She uses her two passions, art, and psychology to inspire and encourage her students and patients to develop their creativity and live to the fullest.
"After an accident that left me bedridden four months, I realized that creativity was my beautiful asset to be and to express my joy and gratitude for life. Also, I recognized the importance of being fully authentic to embrace my greatest strengths and gifts and be happy every day. Since then, I dedicate my life to motivate and inspire people. My art brings positive energy, light, and colors. I enjoy texture and pearls, and I just began to capture the healing power of the ocean in photography and paintings, and I love it."

• Master's in Psychology, Columbia University, New York, NY
• Certificate in Positive Psychology & Positive Interventions, University of Pennsylvania
• Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology Flourishing Center, New York NY
• Art Therapeutic Coaching, BE Able, New York, NY
• Studied under Art Historian & Painter, Dr. Martha Gyllenhaal, Glencairn Museum, Bryn Athyn PA

JGD Trading, Miami
Pearl Spa, Boca Raton
360 Spa, Boca Raton
Keiser University, Fort Lauderdale
Stirling Road Library, Hollywood
David Rocco Gallery, Philadelphia
The Parkway, Philadelphia, PA
La Grata, New York City
Le Rouge, Orlando, Florida

Black History Month, Fort Lauderdale City Hall
Keiser University, Fort Lauderdale
Broward Art Guild, Fort Lauderdale
Uncommon Gallery, Fort Lauderdale
Women & Water Conference, New York
Art 4 Kids Winter Park, Florida
Festival Artistique, Menton, France
World Congress JCI Fukuoka, Japan
Maison des Associations Cannes, France
Le Trophée de la Femme, Cannes, France
A Smile for Peace - Conference Cannes

Artavita, Excellence in Art, Santa Barbara, USA
Broward Art Guild, Honorable Mention, Fort Lauderdale
People Choice, Broward Art Guild, Fort Lauderdale
United Nations Women in Business, Maastricht The Nederland
Excellence in Services, JCI- Junior Chamber International, Biarritz France
Book A Smile for Peace, Cannes, France


It's All About Energy

The essence of beauty is in nature with a full range of colors and energy.

Gratitude “Gratitude”

This painting express my gratitude for nature and our beautiful planet Earth.
Acrylic on Canvas

Urla Horizon “Urla Horizon”

A small village on the Mediterranean Sea where the horizon is alive and pure.

Flow “Flow”

Have you ever experienced flow ? This amazing feeling of plenitude and freedom ! Check Flow
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi...

16x20 Acrylic on Canvas

Passionnement Votre “Passionnement Votre”

Close your eyes and feel your inner passion! This is how I describe my own burning passion, a real firework of joy!

Acrylic on Canvas 16X20

Caribbean Escape “Caribbean Escape”

Sun and sea to boost your mood! This painting will make you smile.
Acrylic on Canvas 16X20

Stained Glass “Stained Glass”

Transparency in blue and clear.

Acrylic on Canvas

Azale “Azale”

Like flowers these colors are dancing in the wind.

Venezia Time “Venezia Time”

Carnival in Venezia is bringing laughters and joy. This painting is expressing this energy of fun!
Acrylic on Canvas

Automne Bleue “Automne Bleue”

Fall in bleu!
Acrylic on Canvas.

Love Underneath “Love Underneath”

Look from within! Love is really inside and we forget it! Most of the time we look for love outside and are miserable. This painting reminds us that underneath Love is there. Acrylic on canvas with multiple red for passion, light and gold for the treasure inside.... which is love. Enjoy and let me know how your feel.

Acrylic on Canvas

Cannes in May “Cannes in May”

Have you been in the South of France? In May, Cannes in is specatcular! This painting invits you to travel in the excitation and glamour of Cannes in May. Feel it, embrace the light, and enjoy

Le Dandy “Le Dandy”

This painting in black and white with pearls is a touch of English and French Chic


Painting to impacting the world!

Blacks Making History “Blacks Making History”

A unique piece to be empowered, follow the courage and commitment of those who initiate changes and excel in the world.

The Beauty of Diversity “The Beauty of Diversity”

I see diversity as an amazing multicolor world where difference is a priceless asset. I hope you will see now the world as beautiful as I see it.

Love is What The World Needs Now “Love is What The World Needs Now”

Visualize a better world! "Love is What The World Needs Now" pictures our whole planet immersed in this immense bright love energy and where this vibrant golden light is flowing continuously.

The Only Way is Peace “The Only Way is Peace”

Peace is the Only Way." brings the energy of the ocean and seashells to the universe to calm down the craziness around.