Location: Italy


<< The leitmotif of my artistic career is "research & development".
I have always represented situations, emotions and feelings in the moment they are presented and therefore also the use of technique and materials is always new and specific for the realization of the work in that moment, in that context.
The excursus from drawings to paintings to installations and sculptures to graphics and manipulated digital photography is the confirmation that art is everything that creates and presents emotions and aesthetics.
Everything the mind thinks and materializes is art. It is with this thought that my artistic soul has grown and is constantly evolving, in continuous "Research & Development">>.

He was born in Bagnolo Mella, Brescia, Italy in 1952, where he lives and develops his artistic passions. His first works, in black and white, follow in his father's footsteps, but color soon takes over his drawings. His first personal exhibition dates back to 1973 in Brescia. Until the 2000s there were numerous group exhibitions and national competitions in which he participated, meeting with a favorable opinion from the critics. Since 2004 with the foundation of the GABM (Gruppo Artisti Bagnolo Mella, of which he becomes the president) a new artistic history begins, stimulated by themed exhibitions and the approach to sculpture. The surrealist line, the predominant line, develops exponentially until arriving in 2009 with an artistic project "the light" presented in the solo exhibition "From Drawing to Light" with his father. In 2010 first place in the painting section at the Nocivelli Prize (Verolanuova, BS), modern / contemporary art (Verolanuova, BSI) and in 2011 there is a special mention. 2012 is full of research with massive use of paper and cardboard supports with lacquers and tears and the launch of new projects: the evolution of curves (shapes arise only from the tangency of curves) and the enhancement and use of primary colors only. The use of monochrome and the continuous variation of shapes and light generate very satisfying sensations and emotions. At the same time, multi-material sculptures, iron, wood, glass and aluminum are born and developed. In addition to the "designed" sculptures, he develops sculptures with recycled artifacts to "give life back". In collaboration with GABM, Apice, Bresciarte, Arteviva, (art associations), Slow-Art (a nascent artistic movement, where he exhibits at the diocesan museum of Milan), with educational institutes (CFP, Capirola in Arte Istituto) and other Brescian associations and Italian national ones, it feeds the artistic activity with group and themed exhibitions.
From 2019 the artistic activity is enriched by a new activity: "the digital processing of photographs". Photo shoots made ad hoc to then be "manipulated" and enriched with emotion and explicit messages.
I conclude with a quote from the Artist: "I affirm that every day is a priceless gift for inventiveness and for artistic training".
This is the path undertaken by Fabiano and there will certainly be a lot to discover. I can say that the Artist, with 360° projections, is having fun.


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