Jack Adams

Graduate of Art Center College of Design.
Owner/ Director of Adams Design
illustrator of "Alouicious, It's Delicious" available
on iTunes APPs and Amazon
Author/Artist of ...The Book of "V".. a book of photography
available on Amazon


Adams Design Gallery

examples of art and illustration of Jack Edson Adams.

Kona Home “Kona Home”

Poster for custom home design by Adams Design

Hawaiian Myth “Hawaiian Myth”

Hula Girl listening to nature

Honolulu Academy of Art “Honolulu Academy of Art”

Poster for the Honolulu Academy of Art

Bali nude “Bali nude”

drawing executed in Bali with live model in studio

future bike “future bike”

a concept for a future bike and its assembly

Lauhala “Lauhala”

Hula girl under lauhala

LLamas “LLamas”

Children's book illustration of Llamas

platipus “platipus”

Children's book illustration of platipus family

the Baker “the Baker”

Children's book illustration of a baker named Alouicious

Kismet “Kismet”

Kismet based on the Alhambra and the Arabian nights

Sara in gesture “Sara in gesture”

a 2 minute gesture pose by Sara

Adams Design Logo “Adams Design Logo”

my custom typeface and Logo for my company image and branding

Valeria “Valeria”

from The Book of "V", my book of nude photography on Amazon

5 minute gesture “5 minute gesture”

A quick gesture pose in charcoal pencil

Trade winds “Trade winds”

My Hawaiian Hula Girl in the breeze

Photo Gallery

Photography by Jack Edson Adams

Ama Lia in breeze “Ama Lia in breeze”

Ama Lia in Bali catching the breeze

"V" harrem “"V" harrem”

the Harrem Fantasy

"V"in nylons “"V"in nylons”

Boots and black nylons!