Christiane David

I love to go deeper into the world of color. Color has a strong effect on our minds; whether it has an uplifting and positive influence or a serene and relaxing effect, color has a powerful impact.

I paint with a free and spontaneous style - my technical background and attention to composition allow me to pursue excellence in an innovative way. I draw out the colors not usually perceived by the untrained eye. The emphasis of color and light in my paintings may initially attract attention, but the ability to capture the soul of the subject is what truly draws the viewer into the painting. Each of my paintings is a capsule of emotional intensity.

Born and raised in Belgium, I began painting at the age of eight. My father was a painter, my grandfather was a chef who taught me that presentation was an important artistic element, and my family surrounded me with many other forms of art such as music, antiques, and literature. I began my formal artistic training by studying architecture in Brussels. This began a career as a designer until I decided to continue my education in oil and watercolor at the Academy of Art in Brussels. It was there that I studied under pupils of the famous Belgium painters Paul Delvaux and Rene Magritte. These and many other European impressionists influence my abstract impressionist style; I believe they help me to communicate my passion onto the canvas.

Now I work and live in Lancaster and love it! The diversity of styles in the art community is inspiring - the talent here is excellent and the cultures is varied. While the standard is set very high, new ideas are welcomed and accepted.


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