Adrian Cosmaciuc

Adrian Cosmaciuc

Location: Romania

Borned in the beautiful landscapes of Bucovina, in a city next to Mestecanis mountain, on 15 th december, 1966, from a simple family in the country side. Since I was a child I had this special love feeling for wood and I have always considered it my best friend.
So, about 23 years ago I have decided that I can give him a second life through my special talent and gift that God gave to me. So, I did, did it in a special way, customized, a way that represented me. Wood sculpture is a time taking and also a complicated art and most times it's only a way for the artist's survival and at the same time food for his soul, the type of food you cannot live without it!

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Wood carving

Sculpted paint for sell, inspired from one one of the greatests works of Lucian Freud.Benefits supervisor sleeping. Overall dimensions: 98,5cm x 70,5cm x 4,5cm. Effective sculpture dimensions:77,7cm x 49,5cm 4,5cm . More available works on following page....