Juels Pellow

Juels Pellow

Location: Australia

Juels Pellow is an Australian artist who resides on the beautiful Gold Coast Queensland who is completely captivated by the wonderment and joy of creation and the un-seen realm.
Her background of interior design & decorating, clothing design and slow fashion has helped to feed into the creativity & uniqueness of her pieces, with a tendency to lean towards textured acrylic, watercolour and pencil, but no medium is off limits and no style is un-touched!
Most of her inspiration comes from nature or dreams and visions, where she is inspired by encouraging messages and insights from the un-seen realm.

She has been a featured artist in the Luxembourg art awards, a local gallery group and solo exhibitor at Creative Hearts Art Gallery on the Gold Coast, an Internationally recognised artist with HMVC Gallery New York where her inspired pieces on the “Garden of Eden” and “Feels Like Home” were shown on the big screen in Times Square for 2 consecutive 4 week events, A finalist in the Grey Cube Gallery’s “Botanicals” Exhibition and is a contributing published artist, poet and writer in a recently released book called “The Voice in the Paint”. Her paintings have also won awards from Teravarna and Art Room gallery.

Juels also has many of her paintings on display locally at the Bank of Queensland, BeScene framing and event hire and local cafes.

Most of her artworks and unique business logos are held in private collections and businesses all around Australia and the United States.

“ I truely believe that we are all born to be creative, it’s embedded in our DNA. All of us have unique perspectives, gifts and talents to share with this world. I love the fact that I get to encourage, empower and uplift others with all of the creative talents that I have been gifted”.


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