Helena Hötzl Setterström

Helena Hötzl Setterström

Location: Sweden

Text by Sarah Smithson, New York Artz magazine

Swedish painter and Illustrator HELENA HÖTZL harnesses and manipulates perceptual reality effortlessly with ease.
She takes her inspiration from vivid sequences of events or phenomena such as birth, life, sex, nature interrupted – hence her paintings/illustrations are genuinely intriguing and evoking to all. One may say; it is her unique, sensual, flirty, often humorous ”story-lines”- enjoyed and especially favored by her fans worldwide – that started her art to take off.
Sensory perception for Hötzl is a spiritual activity; one that leads to a heightened yet subconscious awareness of both culture and human nature. People call it; ”a new kind of realism”— where she combines deeply intuitive layers of text and form to enchant, excite the intellect and the emotion. In her ”poetic” work – with her bold lines, vivid colors, and suggestively figurative elements – she creates this timeless magical quality her collectors grown to love.


Figurative Oil and mixed media

Some of these paintings are mixed media. First I make a painting in oil and then I play with it in the computer. After that I print it on canvas and then paint again with different materials like acrylic, oil, kohl and glitter.

I also make oil paintings as they are and acrylic paintings. I do find the joy though in mixed media.