Antonia Fealizadeh

Antonia Fealizadeh

Location: Germany

Antonia Dmitruk Fealizadeh was born in Osasco - Sao Paulo - Brazil, studied hotel and tourism UNIP - Paulista University and, at 34, he left the hotel life to turn one of the best artist there today. Now 53, continues to seek new looks through the sensuality of color and nature.
In the near future, Antonia Fealizadeh launch its work Impressions - a journey which lasted eight years (2007-2015), from which it passed by his memories of fantastic countries among them France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Senegal, Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia, Mexico, USA, Canada, Germany and his great passion the Amazon region in Brazil, etc. Impressions brings about incredible images on the invisible, secret and unknown nature. Their screens reveal the nature of an immeasurably, harmonious time, contrasting hour. The artist presents the screens which portrays other cultures, with elegance, sensitivity and modernity.
Fealizadeh artist was invited to the International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Firenze 2015


Yellow Ypes

Diptico 2 x 1.05 x 1,50 m
Acryl on Cancas
,, Uma homenagem a árvore brasileira``.

Dream “Dream”

Acryl on canvas
1 m x 90 cm