Martin Ehrlich

My favorite firing technique is Raku firing. I can use this method to create intense metallic lusters and utilize the movement of the liquefied 1830 degree Fahrenheit glaze to create and accentuate patterns and textures. One really exciting thing about raku is how the piece changes in viewing by changing the lighting.

I also enjoy creating high fire pieces using porcelain and other Stoneware clays. I have recently begun expanding my repertoire by working with low fire earthenware clays, which are very conducive to detailed surface decoration and bright colors.

I love experimenting with many different techniques when an idea comes to mind from something I see or something someone says. It is challenging to take an idea and try to work with it using different ceramic techniques and glazing methods. I use my ceramics to convey what I see and feel in nature and the world around us.

An ongoing project I started in 2016 was inspired by a helicopter flight over Kilauea Volcano on the big island of Hawaii. I am making a series of pieces in which I stretch the clay to create fractures and then using Raku glazes show the glowing lava in the fractures.



White Sand Beach #1 “White Sand Beach #1”

Raku Firing
11-5/8" X 2-3/4"
The blues and turquoises of a tropical ocean running up on the beach.

Fiery Seas “Fiery Seas”

Raku Firing
7-1/2" X 5-3/4"
Kilauea lava meets the Pacific Ocean

psychedelic Torso “psychedelic Torso”

This is a melding of ancient Greek marble sculpture with 1960's OpArt in clay. The muscles of the torso create 3-dimensionality while the swirling lines play with the eye and the mind