Location: Israel

i was born in Israel, worked as a photographer for 10 years, made furniture and since 2007 i am a full time working sculptur/painter. I have an MFA from NY studio school.
I showed my art in Israel , Italy , usa and more.


procession to The promised land

A group of sculptures,made of found materials,are a symbol of many many refugees trying to escape from their own country, marching to a dream land, my sculptures are trying to express hope, curiosity, despair and search.
The journey is long and full of hardship.

nature preserved “nature preserved”

this Garden was made for 9 months all from recycled plastic materials.It was a combined work with a community of refugees from the Suda.
Size is changeable according to space it will be shown.

pondering “pondering”

Pondering is a state of mind of the artist. made of plaster, foil and old brush.size- 7x3x4 inches

procession to the promissed land “procession to the promissed land”

Five sculptures, made of found materials are in a process of marching to a promised land,

procession to the promissed land “procession to the promissed land”

this is a detailed photograph of the installation.