Zohrab Kemkemian

Contemporary Art
“Master of the sea”

Born in the land of the Pharaohs, Egypt where civilization and documented history was born and started, the artist at a very young age demonstrated his abilities and talent by drawing sceneries that represented the Nile, villages, crop fields, old Cairo, ancient historical scenes etc. At the age of seven participated in an art contest for artists up to ten years old with a watercolor that brought praise and first place. Continued to demonstrate his art in school, at school for the next three years exhibited more elaborate and historical subjects. While attending English Mission College in parallel attended the “Leonardo da Vinci” Academy of arts in Cairo under the tutelage of professor M Hassan which taught him many traditional techniques used by the old masters which he still uses, practices, and enhances with his new ways in his artworks. Traveled to London, Paris to study the masters and their ways to further enhance his technics in representing his artwork. Moved to Montreal where he pursued his profession as a Design Engineer & Plant Manager at Cinram corp. also continuing his artistic works, exhibited two successful Solo Exhibitions in 1973 & 1976 presenting Canadian sceneries, Maritime subjects and seascapes where many were acquired by collectors, in 1978 moved to Vancouver, BC. In his studio on Hastings Street, accepted many commissions from collectors & art patrons, in 1982 moved to Los Angeles to be part of Baxter Medical, Ivax Corp. and B Braun Medical Corporation as a Sr. Eng. Specialist designing many surgical devices. After an early retirement he has fully dedicated his time to his art.

Exhibitions & Shows

1: Murray Art Gallery, Pointe Claire, Quebec 1971
2: Elite Gallery, Dollard Des Ormaux, Quebec 1974
3: Kemp Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia 1978
4: Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, British Columbia 1979
5: Vancouver Maritime Museum, Vancouver, British Columbia 1980
6: Graham Sayell Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1981

Group Exhibition:
1: Ventura County Maritime Museum, 2010 & 2011
2: Anzoh Art Gallery, Glendale CA. 2012

www.zohrabsart.com e-mail paulk_eng@yahoo.com


"Zohrab Master of the sea"

Seascapes & Marine paintings

Storm at sea “Storm at sea”

Oil on Canvas, size 18 x 24 inches.

US Navy guarding the cosat “US Navy guarding the cosat”

Oil on canvas, size 18 x 24 inches

ship in a storm “ship in a storm”

Oil on canvas, size 18 x 24 inches

Sunset, calm Coast. (2011) “Sunset, calm Coast. (2011)”

Oil on canvas, size 20 x16 inches

Temple of ISIS on the Nile. (2010) “Temple of ISIS on the Nile. (2010)”

Oil on canvas, size 24 x 36 inches

"Incoming Storm" 2014 “"Incoming Storm" 2014”

Oil on canvas, size 25 x 31inches approx. 2014

Sunset on a stormy sea “Sunset on a stormy sea”

Oil on canvas, size 18 x 24 inches

Whaling ship & boat getting ready “Whaling ship & boat getting ready”

Oil on canvas, size 10 x 8 inches

Misty sunset by the cooast “Misty sunset by the cooast”

Oil on canvas, Size 16 x 20 inches

Going out to sea “Going out to sea”

Oil on canvas, size 16 x 20 inches

Mystical island “Mystical island”

Oil on canvas, size 16 x 20 inches

Incoming tide “Incoming tide”

oil on canvas, size 23 x 35 inches approx

Storm by the coast “Storm by the coast”

Oil on canvas, size 24 x 36 inches

Stormy sea “Stormy sea”

Oil on canvas, size 18 x 24 inches

Royal Navy in battlewith Barbary pirates “Royal Navy in battlewith Barbary pirates”

Oil on canvas, size 18 x 24 inches

Racing against time “Racing against time”

oil on canvas, size 30 x 40 inches

Passenger boarding ship at night “Passenger boarding ship at night”

Oil on canvas, 18 by 24inches

Incoming waves “Incoming waves”

Oil on canvas, size 48 x 72 inches