Don Gilmer

Don Gilmer is an outsider artist with no formal artistic training. Throughout his career Don worked with feature film art directors and exhibit designers to produce their creative visions. During this time he found he had artistic vision of his own. Using mixed media and found objects assemblage techniques to show depth and motion. He mainly focuses on two techniques. He uses a distressed vintage look using vintage weathered and worn objects as found to create assemblages. These project center on repurposing and assembling various vintage trinkets and trash to tell a story or create an image. His favorite style is more of a pop art style. Using a collective of found objects and fabricated pieces brightly painted and assembled to create pop art pieces. The vivid colors give the pop. The assembled objects tell the story. Ultimately Don wants to inspire the viewer to see a story, remember long forgotten items repurposed into something entirely different, and most importantly smile.


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