Abhijit Deb Nath

Abhijit Deb Nath

Location: India

HI, My name is Abhijit Deb Nath. I am from India. currently living on Bangalore (Karnataka). I have done my B.F.A and M.F.A. from Visva Bharati University Santiniketan (Rabindranath Tagore school) in Kolkata.

In contemporary world where Artists are interacting with different medium and practices they constructing metaphoric images, which is being depicted in different process.
my process is about altering the visual sphere where i depict cultural community and religious conflicts along with socio- political issues on a global perspective.
Being an independent artist, I like to work with multidimensional approach via architectural design, object design and local motifs which I was regularly receive from my DE-constructive space.
As an artist, my position is related to that of a frame in which I am constantly trying to situate myself within a moving environment.My work process is a line-up of notes and guides. The development of a process goes together with the invention of a frame. Each of my work interaction is another fragment of the story that I am interpreting in a constructive manner.


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