Vijali Hamilton

The World Wheel Project is an artistic forum for global understanding that I, Vijali Hamilton, the founding director, started in 1986. The World Wheel Project consists of two journeys circling the globe where I carved monumental stone sculptures and created collaborated ceremonial-based performance events.

The first circle established twelve sites on the 34th latitudinal parallel. The second circle around the planet started in 1999 and consists of twelve sites that follow the equator. Here, my creative work expanded into the establishments of schools to preserve the indigenous cultures.

My environmental sculptures define sacred sites and are created with the assistance of each village. The performances that are held in the site of the sculptures are a collaboration with myself, local artists, performers, and each host community. Through this process, the World Wheel provides a transformative experience for each community as it addressed spiritual, social, and ecological issues activating an awareness of the interrelatedness of all life.


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