Turgut Ersavas

Turgut Ersavas

Location: Turkey

Turgut Ersavas creates paintings with highly worked surfaces, using acrylic, oil and others. His paintings, inspired by personal events, mythology, ancient cultures, the natural world, and a range of emotional states.
He lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. He is an Architect. Turgut Ersavas has created and supplied contemporary and modern art paintings to houses and various buildings, during his architectural and interior design Professional life. His art formation first started during high school years and he received lessons of Sculpture, Painting and Art History from the Artists and Professors during his University education.

Turgut Ersavas as an Artist, is a member of lebriz.com (Istanbul) which has around 500 artist members. www.turgutersavas.com.
Please also visit his Art&Design site: www.ad.comuf.com

His five paintings was displayed on a large scale screen in Spectrum, Miami Art week 2016.
His paiintings "Romance in the Space" and "A Grasshopper in My Garden" has been displaying in the screen of Saatchi Gallery in London.

- American Robert College, Engineering Prep. Istanbul,
- Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture.

Five paintings of Turgut Ersavas were shown on an oversize screen in Spectrum, Atr Basel, Miami Art Week, 2016, USA.


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