Judy L. Desimone

Judy DeSimone is a ceramic artist in West Chester, Pennsylvania who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in art education from Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She pursued a career as an art educator grades kindergarten through 10th grade in the public and Catholic schools in the suburbs of Philadelphia for thirty-nine years. In her classrooms Judy executed projects using pastels, watercolors, markers, tempera paint, ink, metal, clay, paper mache, paris craft, cardboard and other medium in two and three dimensions. During her middle school position in public school, Judy taught herself ceramic hand-building techniques that were imparted to her students and applied in their clay projects, as well as her own. Judy and her students used low fire clay, commercially made glazes and underglazes fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln. In her partial retirement job teaching art in Catholic school, Judy was responsible for the yearly 8th grade musicals’ scenery and props. The nuanced painting skills used to execute the billboard like scenery are continually used on her current ceramic work.
Several years into partial retirement Judy’s art changed dramatically from realistic representational ceramic bas relief to her present work of “why not”. A shedding of the old and a bursting out was a call that could not be ignored. Pursuing new shapes and surface decoration is an on-going quest to experiment and grow. She currently uses mid-fire clay, underglazes, ceramic transfers, acrylics and gloss glaze fired to cone 5 in an electric kiln. Upon full retirement Judy sought to expand her ceramic and sculptural experience taking classes with local ceramic artists at various art centers. Talking shop and learning what others can impart brings significant expansion of ideas and enjoyment.
Ms. DeSimone shows her work in art shows, retail stores and art fairs.


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