Christopher Russell

Christopher Russell

Location: Australia

Christopher’s art practice spans more than 35 years and displays his interest in the absurd and keen observation of societal change.
During the last 4 decades, Christopher has sporadically held solo, and group exhibitions completed many commissions, and presented his work of late, in many themed shows.
His paintings and visual design are represented in public and private collections in Australia and Internationally.


On The Beach

The work displayed shows contemporary paintings produced since 2017 that I call my pathway. It is the start of a return to full-time painting after many years as an art educator. The images illustrate how I managed a journey when my life changed from work to home life due to a change in health. I focused on what is close to my heart and the subject matter shows that I am a keen observer of contemporary life and its absurdities and depict them in my own stage. Framed artwork can be purchased and Ltd. Ed. framed prints are available through my website or Gallery 247 website. A hardbound coffee table book featuring my work will be published later in 2023.

On The Beach “On The Beach”

Acrylic on canvas. 2023. Inspired: by the Nevil Shute novel. The deceptive warm summer breeze can carry people away from troubled times. Observations of Rosebud Pier and surrounding Melbourne, Australia, the location of movie scenes from the 1959 classic.

Old icons watching over the development site. “Old icons watching over the development site.”

Acrylic on watercolor paper. 2023. Whitehorse Rd. Box Hill. 3129. Australia. Unceasing development plows on while iconic buildings and landmarks stand sentinel as the character of many suburbs changes.
Displayed on Xristo Artworks gallery online.

Night Lights comfort Geelong “Night Lights comfort Geelong”

Acrylic paint on watercolor paper 2019. The Night lights spread across the suburbs surrounding the Geelong AFL football ground blanketing the residents with a sense of comfort. On sale at Xristo Artworks Gallery online and Gallery 247 website. A3 size framed.

Oranges and Lemons and the bells “Oranges and Lemons and the bells”

Acrylic on watercolor paper. 2022. A3 size framed. Inspired by a reference to the rhyme by the character 'Winston' in the film 1984. He imagines a point in the past when everything is much better. An absurd reference to icing over the past.
It is the bright and attractive fruits of our labor that go unnoticed when a person is experiencing a challenge in life. To escape it they ring the imagination bells to resurface pleasant memories and sometimes construct a past that is more comforting than reality.
Available with more work at my home website and Gallery 247 website. Limited edition signed and dated framed prints are also available and a collection of my art will be published later in 2023.