Robert (bob) Patterson

Alaska Master artist; BOB PATTERSON
Bob Patterson was awarded the Alaska artist of the year in 1997 by
Northwest Artist Magazine. The article described his art as capturing
the full magnitude of Alaska, its people, animals, and scenery. He was
titled a master artist by his peers... Bob spent a lot of time in Alaska
over 45 years as he was a construction manager for several Alaska
Bob always has a sense of humor.
Bob Patterson, and his art have moved from Alaska to La Conner,
Washington where he now has his studio, and operates his exclusive
web Galleries. (41 galleries of fine art)
His website has over 1000 pieces of his original art, and 3000 art
products which will make his website the largest one man Website
Gallery in the world.
Bob Patterson is a master at detail and his paintings are powerful and
have depth to match the vastness of Alaska.
Bob has spent many years following the Native folklore and the art of
the Northwest. Bob has created a series of paintings based on their
legends to preserve their culture. The collection is now in limited
edition prints and can be seen on his website http://www. in Gallery 4. Join Bob on his site
and become a guest book friend, subscribe to his news letter “WET
PAINT”, and you will be rewarded


Cheetahs Running

Cheetahs Running in the sunset just prior to the storm coming painted by artist Robert (bob) Patterson is acrylic on canvas 48 x 60. The red sky is called a blood sky by the native people and is caused by the dust stirred up by the winds of the coming storm. All the animals are nevious and is a great time for hunting prey. The painting has many details in the background and some in the foreground show trails by smaller animals or insects. The original is for sale and Gic'lee on canvas are available in several sizes with over 8000 framing options including post cards and posters. for pricing and more information or call 360 466 2729 and speak to the artist.

First Snow in Alaska “First Snow in Alaska”

Moose gather at certain places in Alaska just prior to the rut season. This usually happens just after the first snows in Alaska some time in October. The Bulls start to intimidate each other just prior to the females arrival. The painting by artist Bob Patterson is acrylic on canvas 18 x 24 and is for sale. Reproduction are available in many sizes and over 8000 framing options. Contact the artist at his studio 360 466 2729 or go to his website for more of his art.