Katrina A Smith

Born in California, United States, BA-Business, Small Business Owner, Positive Business Designs Art Gallery. Bold vibrant colors and unique designs. I love photographing various skylines, cityscapes, restoring old photographs and creating art from photography. Art has always been a passion of mine. Gazing at clouds, defining patterns and photographing nature gives me my inspiration. Creating art soothes my soul. Art Is A Positive Experience!


Positive Business Designs Art Gallery Cityscapes & Skylines

Various Cityscapes, Skylines

Abstract Cityscape Lights “Abstract Cityscape Lights”

San Antonio, Texas Cityscape

San Antonio Cityscape Colors “San Antonio Cityscape Colors”

Photography of San Antonio Cityscape created art.

Positive Business Designs Art Gallery Photography & Photograph Art

Photographing various images, restoring old photography and creating art.

Positive Business Designs Art Gallery Abstract Art

Manipulated Abstract Photography Art, created from various digital photographs.

Camouflage Turtle 2 “Camouflage Turtle 2”

Manipulated Photography Art

Abstract Wall Oil Painting “Abstract Wall Oil Painting”

Manipulated Photography Art

Galveston Clouds In Color “Galveston Clouds In Color”

Manipulated Photography Art