Robert Walker

I am an oil painter living in Felixstowe, Suffolk moving into the area from Scotland in 1988. My work draws on word play, humour and love, with my style leaning towards realist, quirky still lifes and figurative moments, all designed to bring a smile, a smirk or a thought.

I have studied at the Barnes Atelier of Art in London and together with Scott Waddell and Dorian Iten.

I regularly exhibit across Suffolk and in London and my work has been sold as far as the US, Australia and into Europe.


Fine Art Painting

Oil paintings, mostly on canvas, sometimes on board, some available, some sold. Enjoy!

Me with the Virgin “Me with the Virgin”

Sassoferrato's Virgin in the National Gallery in London has always been an inspiration to me. A labour of love and one enjoyed.

Candle in the Wind “Candle in the Wind”

Such a great song written by John and Taupin with great imagery I couldn't help myelf.

Candle Harbour “Candle Harbour”

A play on 'Candelabra'/Candle Harbour. A serene moonlit evening, all is calm.

Life, Buoy “Life, Buoy”

Taking it easy is hard to do when your foot is on the gas but simple things simple moments reap such rich rewards.

State of the Union “State of the Union”

A comment on the state of the UK union given Brexit and Scottish independence drive.

Beach Ball “Beach Ball”

A simple play on beach ball given the popularity of dancing shows these days!!

For the Love of Gala “For the Love of Gala”

An homage to Salvador Dali. The greatest tribute I could pay is to paint his muse.

Heavy Night “Heavy Night”

A little bit of humour never goes amiss especially after a night on the tiles!

Murmurations “Murmurations”

Everything is connected, whispers in ears, flights of love

A Cup Above the Rest “A Cup Above the Rest”

A play on a 'Cut Above the Rest' saying. Always looking for a pun.

Mutual Appreciation “Mutual Appreciation”

The gramophone listening and appreciating the sound of the sea, whilst the sea listens to the sound of the gramophone in return.

Promised Land “Promised Land”

Lots of movement around the globe right now, always has been, always will be. Never should it be forced though.

Jackpot “Jackpot”

A play on the one-armed bandit slot machine.

Butterfly “Butterfly”

Her whole life ahead of her.

Pandora's Hope “Pandora's Hope”

Given the pandemic year we have all had Hope has to feature somewhere in all of our lives. She's always there somewhere and is most definitely out of the jar.

Queen Elizabeth II (After Pietro Annigoni) “Queen Elizabeth II (After Pietro Annigoni)”

A fabulous portrait of a young Queen Elizabeth by one of the best portrait artists that ever lived. This is an attempted nod to his genius.