Octavio Diaz - Berrio

Octavio Diaz - Berrio

Location: Portugal

Tried several professional routes giving up Painting and Architecture - for which the Institute of Professional Orientation classified him as "... very well endowed for the high development of artistic interests, drawing, mathematics and geometric induction " - preferring the "Architecture of the Light".
After a long learning - starting when he was 10 years old with his first camera and lots of technical reading - became a professional in 1968 by the hand of Mario Neves in the Animated Cinema and after in Cinema where he learned to "Write with the Light" with some well known Directors of Photography.
His hunger of aesthetic-technique sense of purism turns him to Still Photography where he develops his skills on the fields of Fashion, Advertising, Industry and Editorial.
...and still remains astonished with what light can do when well handled...
"The Photographer must turn into a vision the day-by-day reality!" - says to his pupils.

Waiting for a good agent!



Basically advertising photography, but also industry and fashion.

White traffic “White traffic”

Cover for a rock band.

Darts “Darts”

For a pharmaceutical lab.

Brandy “Brandy”

Should be drunk cold.

Lisbon subway “Lisbon subway”

Available light during construction.