Rashell Shumate Harris

Ra-Shell Monet Harris (1979-Present) born in Hayward, California to a dentist and Autocad designer, grew up in Oberlin, Ohio and returned to California in 1998. For 6 years attended UC Davis and CCA in Sf, CA and taught art since 1985 recieved a Who's Who Award and Coke-Cola Women of Vision Award and is on the Oakland Writers Club. https://a.co/d/7QImhHc www.rashellmonetshumateharris.webs.com


Writer and illustrator

Philosophy Graduate Alumni at CCA BA in illustration, Masters in Gardening from UC Davis, Certified Baker from Bekerely Adult School, UC Bekerely Proffesionals in Theraphy and Certified passed C-Best test at the Oakland Unified School District. Every since I was little I had an imagination to stay in the creative mind and work for what is best in that mind. I have found that no one can stop that dream only one can succeed through the passion and growth of pursuing the goals of being an artist. Every since I was three I was painting on canvas how the rainbow and flowers and rain made the flowers cry. But after so many years of experience in artwork I have found that through art your emotions and everything in life can be expressed through by art. I give thanks for God and my many people that supported me in my goal reaching. As a teacher of many ages and cultural backgrounds and physical status I have brought forth my best effort to continue to manifest an excellence in performance and quota to well productions of art that is continued within each student I have taught. I tend to teach clay and painting and the basics of drawing. Having the experience from taking many community college courses in design and basic drawing, my degree in illustration professes this act of diligence and continuous to produce art work. I work free-lance in illustration as well as a writer I have created children’s books and greeting cards and short stories, silk screen t-shirts, buttons, bookmarkers and knitted hats and scarfs small pots and clay sculptures that hold fruit and flowers. Some of these objects of art were produced in a warehouse sold and held at galleries, museum, art shows and festival booths. The children’s books were made digital using Adobe Photoshop and sold into Kickstarter.com to get a publisher and currently have books sold on amazon.com. I have taught at the Berkeley Public School, OBUGS, Far West High School, RUMC Church, San Francisco Baptist Church School, Boys and Girls Club, Umoja House, Muslim School, City of Oberlin Recreation Department, FAVA Gallery, The Whitney Young Day Care, Oberlin Design Initiative, East Bay Depot create reuse working with business and small business organizations at setting up gallery artwork selling paintings. I have given lectures at Spark point small business organization to tell of my creativity and work with community to produce more artwork. During Church I participate in the annual craft show and work in the garden and quilting classes. Working in gardens and art in schools and Boys and Girls Club, West Oakland Farmers, St. Martin de Porres and Layeffette Elementary School under a program called OBUGS (Oakland Based Urban Gardens School) we made murals and putting gardens outside and made crafts from recycled materials.

Illustrator “Illustrator”

I was taught in a warehouse how to make recycled art projects for parades and have done things for how Berkeley can you be parade. I really like to teach older adults which I get more measures of thought process and syllabus and thesis and theories I have created. I have read many books on ingenious people and studied history of art to clarify my thought and art process to teach to the older adults and all ages. One of my self-portraits was placed in the Coke-Cola women of visions art show in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. There are many books to follow in color theory, Adobe Photoshop, basic drawing, anatomy and illustration communication media history. The main focus on bring these combinations of learning can supply a better means for a successful artist. My influences in art is Monet which is my middle name he is the first impressionist to paint blind and it is clear that emotions can make art by definition of doing art that is visible when seeing is not. My next favorite artist is Bob Ross which I watched on television every since I was young and practiced many of his painting techniques with using different brushes as for artwork. My third artist that I love is Jim Henson he creates 3d model puppets from 2d drawings which stays as my best influence to create my drawings and illustrations which one day could be the same from a clay sculpture to a 3d model moving object. In my short stories there is one story that I wrote that I created each character and illustrated very large and made 3d models out of them and have a theme and small animation process I am working on called Willow Park this has been a continued focus since 2004. Jerry Pinkney is also one of my favorite artist illustrators of children’s book illustrations. He is one of the most influenced African-American artists that I enjoy of this time era. I have binders of syllabuses that I use to teach and work from along with the websites and books that connect with each day for the presentation. I have PowerPoint displays that explain artwork. As I tunnel through the experience of art and express and the gift of working with community and museums I feel I am acquainted and familiar with the goals of being a teacher.