Kat Trevino

I won 'Best Artist of the Year' from L.A. Best 2022.
I create with many mediums of art from glass work, photography, computer graphics, painting, sculpting, to writing. I regularly have 3-6 art exhibitions on in galleries and museums from London to Laguna with great success.
I have been commissioned by the city of Palm Springs, L.A., Sherman Oaks, and Cathedral City to design public art for their Art District.
I was awarded by the city of Los Angeles and Pomona for my Artistic Contribution in beautifying the community with my art.
I have been teaching art and guiding the hands of creation. I teach methods, various mediums and art history opening up the full scope of the art world to my students focusing on their personal strengths.
I participated as a muralist with my piece, "Butterfly Skies" in Los Angeles' "Mural Row" on the 1 01 Hollywood FWY where many artists have adorned the city with their work seen my millions weekly.
My art has been covered in many books, magazines and newspapers, where editorials have encompassed my work. The Sun Newspaper dedicated their entire Living Section front page to me highlighting my work and featured my Mural work. I was also named "Artist of the Year" by Inland Empire Magazine where four full pages focused on my own Art Style "Kattmopsheres".
I have my own clothing line created from my art in many styles and accessories.
I am designing large sculptures for outside art parks currently as I never stop moving forward and looking for new ways to create.