Lorena Nannini

lorena nannini

Location: Italy

I'm a pastel artist born in the Island of Elba.
My artistic journey began at a young age, where I found inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounded me. Currently residing in the historic city of Florence, Italy, I show my works on line and in some selected Galleries across Italy.
Through my ongoing exploration of the natural world, I continue to evolve as an artist, capturing the ever-changing beauty of the land with each stroke of my pastel.


Works in pastel

Works in pastel: landscape and animals

Cats “Cats”

Cats in the country - Pastel cm 30x40

Winsteria “Winsteria”

Winsteria - pastel cm 30x40

Cat sleeping on flowers “Cat sleeping on flowers”

Cat sleeping on flowers - pastel cm 30x40

Pine trees in Elba “Pine trees in Elba”

Pine trees in Elba - pastel cm 24x30