Jeanette Milner

Jeanette Milner

Location: Italy

Jeanette Milner was born in Melbourne, Australia but has lived in Italy for over 30 years.

Jeanette's artistic expression goes back to her childhood when she won her first award at the age of 10. After High School she has continued to study art following various courses in Australia and also in Italy. For 4 years Jeanette studied under Prof. Vittorio Mazzeschi at his studio “D'Autore” in l'Aquila.

Jeanette's art is an expression of her sentiments which she transmits onto canvas often painting sunsets, the sea and the mountains. Frequently her paintings are created from inspirations of moments captured during her travels.

Many international catalogues feature Jeanette's art namely: Catalogo dell'Arte Moderna, editor Giorgio Mondadori; International Register of Painters and Sculptors, editor Italia in Arte; Avanguardia Artistiche, editor Centro Diffusione Arte; International Dictionary of Artists, editor WorldWide Art Books; and Grandi Maestri, editor Centro Diffusione Arte.

Some of the well known art critics who have written about her work are: Andrea Diprè, Paolo Levi, Roberto Chiavarini, Sandro Serradifalco, Dino Marasà and Paolo Martocchia.

Her artwork hangs in many prestigious public, corporate and private collections in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Greece, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.


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