Snježana Vidović

Snježana Vidović

Location: Croatia

Snježana Vidović was born in Zenica. After completing her studies in structural engineering and moving to Germany, she studied painting privately (1992-1999) in Peter Schermuly's studio in Munich.

You can find out more about the artist on her official website:


My journey through Istria

Snježana Vidović traveled through her new home for seven years and discovered many new motifs.
This is how a series of 20 oil paintings entitled “My journey through Istria” was created.
The premiere exhibition was in Vienna:
Here are some paintings from the cycle:

Istrian beauty “Istrian beauty”

Oil on canavas, 40 x 63 in

Quinces “Quinces”

Oil on canavas, 16 x 20 in

Poppies “Poppies”

Oil on canavas, 25,2 x 21,3 in

Istrian “Istrian”

Oil on canavas, 63 x 40 in