Bailey, Colin

Colin Bailey is a UK artist and printmaker living and working in Hastings, East Sussex after living in Rye for ten years and Kings Cross, London for fifteen years
A fine art oil painter and master etcher with a love of traditional painting and printmaking methods, techniques and skills, and with a printmaker's instinct for multiple images, Colin also utilises modern fine art technology and uses digital photography to capture pictures, views images and scenes that he translates into iconic paintings and etchings of the local area. Whilst using fine art giclee printing to reproduce his original paintings as limited edition fine art prints, Colin also continues to print the hand pulled original etchings for which he was originally best known
As a popular Rye artist Colin Bailey realised the wider appeal of this small picturesque area of the UK's south east coast and established the Ryepress site in 2000 as an online portfolio to exhibit his Rye and St Pancras station limited edition etchings for sale to a wider audience than the UK. Now living in Hastings, and established as a Hastings artist he reproduces many of his new oil and acrylic paintings as fine art limited edition giclee prints, whilst continuing to explore and develop the tonal possibilities of etchings on copper plate



A small gallery of what I consider to be some of my best etchings, done over a span of 40 years; from Kings Cross to Rye and then Hastings.

Smoke on the water “Smoke on the water”

Hastings pier continues to smoulder, wreathed in smoke the morning after the fire in October 2010. Limited edition etching 8 ins x 12 ins

End of the Line “End of the Line”

St Pancras station clock tower rises above washing hanging out to dry on washing lines strung across the courtyard of Midhope House on the Hillview estate in Kings Cross in the 1980s. Limited edition etching 12 ins x16 ins