Dominic Van Der Merwe

Dominic van der Merwe

Location: Australia

I am an Industrial Designer and sculptor based in Melbourne. My hand carved limestone forms explore the ‘random order’ expressed in the natural world. I use controlled, fluid curves to constrain my shapes but aim to form organic, amorphous objects as a whole. My intent is to evoke the symmetry in a butterfly wing, the constantly curving arc of a wave, or the dissected fracturing of a rocky outcrop. All seemingly random yet so perfectly functional and with an underlying order, designed by the forces of nature, over time. The fossilised strata of the Limestone echoes this sense of time, its granular texture diffuses light, softening details to highlight the overall form.

I also work as a consulting industrial designer. Most recently assisting artists bring their works to production in large scale public commissions. I also follow a passion for beautiful spaces and landscape design.


Random Order

A collection of sculptures carved from South Australian Limestone.

Latent “Latent”

South Australian Limestone

Cyclical “Cyclical”

50x60x20cm (110cm with base)
South Australian Limestone on Hardwood base

Aspects “Aspects”

South Australian Limestone
set of three

Nurture “Nurture”

South Australian Limestone

Flux “Flux”

South Australian Limestone