Lenor Bingham

Lenor’s artwork involves a process of using color and texture to tell a story. Her work is guided by the color combination that she chooses, be it muted tones or bright primary hues. At times, the stories she paints are abstract with linear lines. Other times, Lenor paint figures that have movement and grace. In terms of her pallet, Lenor says it varies intuitively depending on my emotions or surrounding – in her words, “Paint has its own path, and I tend to follow where it wants to flow.”

In recent years, her art has adopted an abstract expressionist style as a way to form an intimate connection with the viewer and elicit an emotional response.

Although Lenor prefers working with inks and acrylic paint, she says she also experiments with new mediums and enjoys trying out unconventional techniques that work together to form complex narratives. Her work often involves painting multiple layers on top of each other – often choosing to paint over old paintings, instead of starting from a blank canvas; it’s unique methods like these, that gives Lenor’s artwork a third-dimensional texture and intricacy, as told through her distinct artistic style and bold imagination.


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