Robin Marshall

When Robin has “downtime,” she chooses to create Art on Canvas. It’s something she’s passionate about, always Abstract, and most often, doesn’t know what the idea or outcome will be from the minute she picks up a brush, bottle, or spray can! She basically feels her emotions and sense of humor bounce off and onto her canvases! She's quite a whimsical artist and yet surreal at the same time.


I am an accomplished Senior Executive and Thought Leader with more than 35 years of success in the media, journalism, and broadcasting industries. I’ve been on the air in NYC for most of my life and a Voice Artist!
I then created a start-up division for two national broadcast companies creating an In-House Ad Agency! We serviced 500 radio stations and 1000's of streams with produced commercials… all while Podcasting and blogging too!
Prior to that, I was a rock n’ roll singer-songwriter! Doesn’t it make sense that I'd fall back into my HS passion of ART?

I LOVE to CREATE and could paint 24 hours a day. I’ve sold several pieces via shows, Fb and Insta, my websites, and am currently about to enter 2 solo shows and 2 additional shows including the Miami Bazel week show! I'm painting like crazy, with a broken elbow (don't ask...) getting myself locked and loaded with paintings!

Leather and Art by Memory Trees, in Lake Worth. Fla has been kind enough to be one of those who offered me a solo show. September is our month! I will show, speak about what I do and demonstrate! In Dec I have another solo show in Parkland, Fla plus the first week in Dec I'm exhibiting at Red Dot in the Wyndham hotel in Miami, during Miami Bazel week!
Thanks for reading!
Robin Marshall


Whimsical Robin Marshall

I tend to find humor in many of my paintings and writings! It may not be obvious at first... but eventually you'll stumble upon it! I use Eyes in many of my paintings as well as trees and musical symbols. For some reason the three seem to bond together for me.
I hope you enjoy my works and feel free to reach out!

Eye Got the Music in Me “Eye Got the Music in Me”

Music is always running through my brain and as a result many times you'll see it in my work!

Political Chicks “Political Chicks”

Chicks on top of the phone wire versus chicks Under the phone wire; look closely and decide which of these two chick political parties you'd fit in!

Cancer is Not Selective “Cancer is Not Selective”

My daughter and I have been bitten by the "Cancer bug." We are very proactive socially while trying to help other women become more aware.
This painting is of me, with my 5 kids. They are showing their support in their own ways, as they have throughout this 9-year journey for me.

Robin Marshall- I Kissed a Frog and I Liked it! “Robin Marshall- I Kissed a Frog and I Liked it!”

Whimsical view of a woman with bumps all over her face... I guess she couldn't find the right partner, so she kissed a frog! Daring Woman - and yet I think she's still beautiful!

Robin Marshall- Treasures Under the Sea “Robin Marshall- Treasures Under the Sea”

This was originally a pour paint that turned into a wild ocean and beautiful sky! I couldn't leave it alone so I added the board the treasures that sparkle and the curious inhabitants that live under the sea!

I Found a Face in there... “I Found a Face in there...”

This is a pour paint that I had loads of fun with! When I looked later, I saw her and her shoulder! I outlined it with chrome marker and gave her a new "look!"

Everyone Calls Her Whispy,,, “Everyone Calls Her Whispy,,,”

These Whispy pink and mauve flowers are swaying on a "windy day!" Pour Painting and framed!

Ziggidy Zag “Ziggidy Zag”

Sort of like a slight of hand painting. All different colors poured at the same time! Large too!!