Barbara Crimella

Barbara Crimella

Location: Italy

Barbara Crimella born in Rho, Province of Milan in 1973.
The charm of the third dimension and construction are for her, the possibility to try manually the realization of her inner emotions.
There are several creative ways through which Barbara realizes her sculptures, a form related to the work on the body, having been fascinated in her studies by the work of Body Art, by Gina Pane to Cindy Sherman, Louise Bourgeois, for which she made after a careful inner analysis, a series of sculptures made in silicone capable of representing the skin of the body.
Il guiding principle is to use the same body as the highest expression for creating artistic representations.
The body alone must be able to externalize the inner world, the anguish and pain but also the joy to be pregnent
The body becomes the mirror of the soul. Iron is another material with which Barbara realizes figures with names reminiscent of virgin land.
The tall, slender sculpture in rusted iron , are another form of sculpture through which the artist approaches the nature of the pure feeling, to the search of the interior.


Adara Tea Time

The work presented here with the titles of "Adara Tea Time" are made using the tea as if it were watercolor.
Start out as sketches to make iron sculptures.
But the delicacy of shapes and colors, representing the state of mind of the artist.
the use of tea symbolizes tranquility and meditation.
Some figures contain in itself a leaf realised in metal brass that describes the search for balance and purity that only nature can give.
Adara is one of the divinity of mother earth.


Iron, coper,marble green wave

Demetra “Demetra”

Rusted Iron and marble Green wave from the marble cave Santoro Marmi in Custonaci Sicily

no title “no title”

coper and stone from Favignana