Oxana Kroll

Oxana Kroll

Location: Germany

Oxana Kroll was born in St Petersburg, Russia.

She started drawing from early childhood and participated in various artistic competitions. After high school she studied at the St Petersburg academy of arts and later changed to a financial university, after which she pursued her career in this field.

After many years of living in various countries, Oxana gradually returned to drawing.

During the covid pandemic, that she spent in the south of France, she decided to pick up her art work again and started a new kind of mix media technique, mainly epoxy resin, combined with various types of sources as ink, fluid acrylic, modeling paste, gold leafs, stones, crystals, collages and more.

Recently Oxana began to produce handmade tables with her own design, made of exclusive wood and epoxy resin.

Furthermore she makes contemporary abstract paintings, as well as Art Deco and Pop Art.

Her art was exhibited in various galleries and different countries such as France, Monaco, Italy, England and Dubai. She does not only create beautiful art but also uses her talent to give back through charitable projects.

Her art is colorful, vibrant, and brings a good mood while expressing herself.