Vania Valkova

Vania Valkova

Location: Bulgaria

I’m visual artist, sculptor and painter; professional graphic/multimedia designer; writer of poems and texts on art problems.

In the last 7 years I have a marked interest in the field of big or small digital print. A few projects were realized with this media. I am interested also on mixed media projects, e.g. collage, multimedia installation, animation/video, various combinations between sculpture objects, print and projected digital images.

Main subjects of my projects are "different types of communication", "social urban interface" and research of mental and physical aspects of the human being. A project of mine in process is "My body is not my body, my brain is not my brain”. Since 2009 I realize it through different media (digital graphics, animation, interactive multimedia, net art).

In my art works I mix very often photography with digital vector drawings, conceptual texts and sculpture objects in the real space. To me, drawing is a very important tool for art and one of the most expressive. I have also a solid background in drawing with different media (pencil, ink, black/coloured chalk and digital illustrations).

I am strongly interested in creation of conceptions for projects related with art intervention in urban/social interface of the city.

Since 2006 I make series of print art graphics and urban actions related to the problems of transition and transformation of the city, city contrasts and hybridization.

Artistic education:

1997 Master degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Department of Sculpture; including a course in Photography. Later I studied Multimedia technology at the Technical University Sofia.

2004 Postgraduate program supported by the Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau, Germany.

2005 Postgraduate program for Advertisement and Spatial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia.

2019 Sofia Master of ,,Pedagogy and Semiotics of Fine Arts"
In the Faculty of Educational Studies and the Arts, SOFIA UNIVERSITY ST. KLIMENT OHRIDSKI

Major exhibitions:

2006/2007 Organization and participation in the interdisciplinary projects in process and two exhibitions "How one writes DE-SIGN in Bulgarian".

2008 Participation with three big digital prints "sofbacilucus_bulgaricus" in the International exhibition for Balkan Art "WHAT IS WHITE",organised by Terminal-zero-zero, London, UK.

2008 Presented design works in the book ''VISUAL CUT BULGARIA', edited by Andrean Nechev (an unique as polygraphy and contend book ). The book presents 23 Bulgarian designers who – through their works and with their words, – reflect the current visual language in Bulgaria.

2009 Participation in the open air exhibition Sofia Remixed with three urban projects:

2009 Participation in the Lettra Krakow 2009 exhibition part of International Cracow Triennial, Poland with four big digital prints

2013 Participation in the exhibition Interfaces-Istanbul (part of the International Print Triennial Krakow-Istanbul) and in the Istanbul biennial 2013, Turkey

2013 Participation with the art print “The Fallen Man” in the ienna exhibition "in.print.out", Künstlerhaus, Viena, Austria.

Important awards:

I have been awarded with four prizes in different fields of contemporary art (ink drawings, hand make print, new media art:

1992 Second Prize on the First International Student Biennial, Scopje '92

1997 Honor Prize at the Fifth International Triennial for Arts Majdanek’97, Poland.

1998 First Prize at the International Festival for computer arts “Computer Space’98” in Sofia as a member of art group "objectart"

2003 Third Prize at the International Festival for computer arts “Computer Space’03 in Sofia with the CD-multimedia project “mb is not mb”.


Digital graphics - MB IS NOT MB

A series of digital graphics: ,,My body is not my body - my brain is not my brain"
Format: 50x 50 sm

These art files are DEMO, not for print.


Original drawings by ink.

the woman - dragon “the woman - dragon”

Ink drawing on watercolor paper.
Sheet format : A4
30x40 cm whith frame

woman - dragon 2 “woman - dragon 2”

blck ink on paper
format : A4 , without frame; 30x40 cm. with frame