David Kerr

David Kerr



Darelf610 character pieces

This portfolio is displaying my pieces that are about a character that I use for other purposes I my life. This is a place where the pieces can be stored as I have to many to keep personally. I hope you enjoy them!

Campfire “Campfire”

This piece was made to display as a tease for the Twitch audience that he captivates for an upcoming series.

DarkElf610 with logo “DarkElf610 with logo”

This one was intended as a banner but sadly was not used

DarkElf610 “DarkElf610”

This image begins where we were really pushing what we could do with the character by changing the world he was in as well as his overall look without loosing his identity.

DarkElf610 pipes and dreams “DarkElf610 pipes and dreams”

This is another example of the character invading a world different than his own.

DarkElf610 love-kraken “DarkElf610 love-kraken”

This image is of the character on a sailing ship with a monster from the deep attacking. Is intended as a teaser for an upcoming episodic gameplay release.

DarkElf and the fantasy crowd “DarkElf and the fantasy crowd”

This image was used for a short time as a banner before branding took place.

DatkElf610 pop culture shot “DatkElf610 pop culture shot”

This is actually an image that wasn't used as the quality was deemed sub par. Possibly worth a look. There are some interesting features.

DarkElf crowd with platform “DarkElf crowd with platform”

Another failed image of a crowd intended for a banner and not used.

DarkElf610 Immortal Kombat “DarkElf610 Immortal Kombat”

This image was intended as an audience tease for an upcoming session on the channel.

DarkElf610 animated cell “DarkElf610 animated cell”

A shot of the character in a particular animation style

DarkElf610 animated cell (2) “DarkElf610 animated cell (2)”

Another cartoon of the character

DatElf610 product endorsement “DatElf610 product endorsement ”

DarkElf610 can do infomercials as well!

DarkElf610 travel vlog “DarkElf610 travel vlog”

A shot of the character as a travel poster

DarkElf610 Tahiti takover “DarkElf610 Tahiti takover”

Another travel poster

DarkElf610 for president “DarkElf610 for president ”

Here he sits at the oval office after his Twitch success

DarkElf610 in armor “DarkElf610 in armor”

I have no idea what I was thinking here. Here it is for what it's worth

DarkElf610 read all about it “DarkElf610 read all about it”

DarkElf610 stands here with a newspaper