Roy Inman

Shoots for the joy of it, and sometimes there is even a little money.

Loves train subjects, Italian women models, real and semi-abstract images. And the Goodyear Blimp.


Images by Inman

An eclectic sampling from my archives of more than 100,000 photographs.

Air swimmers. “Air swimmers.”

One of the hot toys for children of all ages Christmas 2011 were helium-filled, R/C "Air Swimmers." Whimsical, harmless mylar balloons in the shape of fish could be flown indoors. The slow, relaxed pace of the toys gave a welcome calming and finale to the season.

Aspaargus aglow “Aspaargus aglow”

One of my favorite foods, but didn't eat it until after I shot it. Cardinal rule of food photography.

Burlesque dancer “Burlesque dancer”

The burlesque is alive and well in Kansas City.

Crown Center “Crown Center”

Water spouts in the Crown Center square, Kansas City, created abstract patterns.

Lost in the music. “Lost in the music.”

Party Arty is a hip, edge bash that benefits the Nelson-Atkins Musem of art. One of the participants really got into her groove.

UP 844 “UP 844”

The Union Pacific Railroad runs two huge steam engines on excursion tours in the Midwest, Southwest and Western sections of the country. The number 844 departe Union Station Kansas City in a noisy, billowy rush on a June day.

Fox Theater “Fox Theater”

The beautifully restored Fox Theater in Hutchinson, Kansas still shows films and provides space for private parties.

Thrift store twins “Thrift store twins”

One never knows what one will find in a thrift store. Always a fun experience.

Night creature “Night creature”

At a Halloween benefit party the female zombie scared passersby, inclding me.

Muse of the Hyatt “Muse of the Hyatt”

Statue in in a Kansas City hotel.

Geese Shawnee Mission Park “Geese Shawnee Mission Park”

Cold winter day. Cabin fever. Off to the park. Geese ambling across the frozen lake. Three frames and they are gone.

Silver trees “Silver trees”


Hay bales “Hay bales”

We have lots of these in Kansas.

Foggy sunrise “Foggy sunrise”

One of the few, the very few, times I have gotten up before sunrise. Daughter in a tri-athalon. Might as well shoot the sun coming up while waiting for the competition to begin.