Location: France

After a professionnal life in the teaching world, I decided to get back to my first inclination, painting. Having travelled worldwide and admired artefacts of many cultures, I noticed I was always drawn to colourful, intense and imaginative creators. The naive form seems to translate best my imaginary world and the naive painters of my native Alsace inspire me particularly. Having also lived in tropical countries, where Mother nature has a rich palette , I use vivid , rich colours to express emotions and feelings.


Flower dreams

My dreams are inspired from Mother Nature and nurtured by my imagination and my fantasies. I give them life on my canvases using oils for sensuality. Rich colours sweep through the paintings to convey moods and atmosphere. I chose to express myself in a style reminiscent of the naive, which allows me to travel easily between fiction and reality. Come and dream with me....

Bouquet d'Argent “Bouquet d'Argent”

Oil on canvas, 38X46, 2021.
Number 6 in the series "Reves de Fleurs".

Red bouquet “Red bouquet”

Mother's day inspired me and I conceived this bouquet to express love and warmth with my flowers.
Oil on canvas, 36x48

Yesteryear in mauve “Yesteryear in mauve”

A pewter vase in an antiquarian shop window reminded me of my grandmother's lilac tree which gave beautiful blossom in the springtime
Oil on canvas, 38x46

Flower nocturne “Flower nocturne”

When I dream of flowers....and my brushes give life to my dreams
Oil on canvas, 36x48


The flowers here speak of the joy and light-heartedness of the Carnival season through 3 eternal themes, that of the Jester, the Clown and Arlequin.

The Jester “The Jester”

Forever the symbol of laughter and fun, the Jester adorns daily life with flowers, real or imaginary ...
Oil on canvas, 38x46

The Clown “The Clown”

An explosion of flowers hide the stern angles of the vase to charm the eye and join in the joyful smile of the flower Clown
Oil on canvas, 38x48

Arlequin bouquet “Arlequin bouquet”

Arlequin-coloured petals spring joyfully in the air to the sound of the Carnival parade

Never-never Alsace

On the age-old, erosion molded mountain of Alsace rest innumerable vineyards, and picturesque villages nestle comfortably in the valleys...dear memories I wanted to lay down on canvas, and join in my own way the song of the minstrels who travelled along the winding roads between the vineyards from town to village...

The Vineyard Gate “The Vineyard Gate”

Proud of its past, an old village has kept part of the fortifications and the gate that leads out to the vineyards
Oil on canvas, 38x46

The end house “The end house”

Garding the end of the street just before remparts, the old house overlooks the vineyards
Oil on canvas,36x48

Autumn over the hills “Autumn over the hills”

Ruins of a medieval castle overlook a village nestling in the hills below, while cotonny clouds spread slowly over the vineyards

Dawn over the vineyards “Dawn over the vineyards”

Nestling around its old church, a village wakes up in the morning glow of a radiant sunshine

"Dites le avec des fleurs"

Flowers, and plants in general, whether real or imagined, give a rich and immensely varied support to emotions and feelings

Mother's day gift “Mother's day gift”

The Crystal vase lends its transparency to reveal a bouquet of joyful summer flowers

Flowers in the window “Flowers in the window”

A severe square window ledge livens up with a vase full of bright flowers that let the sunshine in

The red pompom “The red pompom”

An old fashioned vase holds a bouquet of vividly coloured flowers that bring it back to life

Tutti frutti “Tutti frutti”

A joyful mixture of flowers and fruit seem to dance to the sound of a street band passing by

Landscape moods

the weight of solitude of a small boat facing the immensity of the ocean, the cold winds of winter blowing through bare trees, a stroll along a riverbank, special moments in time I wanted to share through those paintings

Sunday promenade “Sunday promenade”

Behind me stood tall the remarquable castle of La Rochefoucauld, and my eyes suddenly caught this enchanting riverscape....à lovely memory imprimantes in my heart forever

Winter winds “Winter winds”

A few leaves are swept by a nasty winter wind and swirl in the last rays of the dying sunset

Solitude “Solitude”

A lonely small wooden boat is stranded in the muddy sands, facing the immensity of the ocean car away


When dreams create unusual encounters....

The sound of flowers “The sound of flowers”

Sounds and colours mingle playfully around a French horn

Medieval Flower Melody “Medieval Flower Melody”

A medieval mandolin sings its melody, and vibrations turn into sounds and colours , expressing their hapiness creating new flowers

Neons and flowers? Nah, impossible! “Neons and flowers? Nah, impossible!”

A parallel world where little golden fish swimm happily among a bouquet of flowers....why not?

An odd to vintage cars

Having always been attracted by post-war cars, and being lucky enough to be able to enjoy riding daily in a 1936 Rosaline Citroen, I felt like celebrating those beautiful old ladies on small canvasses showing their signature, i.e. the original front grid that gives them their unique identity.