Bob Richardson

I was born and raised in Michigan and currently reside in Safety Harbor, FL. Largely self-taught, my art career started after college and I have been painting and creating musical instrument sculptures for nearly 42 years.

I have created over 3,000 pieces of impasto art paintings (using really thick paint), over 1,000 spin art paintings by using a homemade spinning machine that I constructed from two bicycles, hundreds of contemporary - figurative paintings and nearly 750 U.S. Flag creations by upcycling actual U.S. Flags and mounting them on canvas.

In addition to my paintings, I am very well known for my musical instrument art creations. I began making lamps out of instruments, and expanded by turning musical instruments into stereo speakers. When Bluetooth technology was introduced in the 1990's, I began making my instrument sculptures into Bluetooth speakers. I call my creations Bluetooth Sound Machines. My first instrument sculpture was created by using a trumpet. Now, 16,000 instruments later, I use just about every type of instrument that is manufactured throughout the world. I even use pianos.



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