Peter Kephart

Peter Kephart paints on paper with fire. By combining and manipulating the basic physical elements of fire, water, earth and wind, he creates abstract and landscape imagery unlike anything seen before. His proprietary technique and resultant Firepaintings are absolutely unique in art history, and really must be seen to be believed. His work is gaining ever wider media attention, and is exhibited and collected internationally.


Painting With Fire! The amazing Firepaintings of Peter Kephart

All of these paintings were born over a bonfire, on paper.

Evidence of Warming Along the Coast “Evidence of Warming Along the Coast”

Painted on paper with bonfire, water, pastel and ink.

Warmer in the Shade “Warmer in the Shade”

Painted on paper with bonfire, gunpowder, potassium nitrate, pastel and tempera.

Spring Heat “Spring Heat”

Painted on paper with bonfire, water(color), and pastel.

Yellow Moon Afternoon “Yellow Moon Afternoon”

Painted on paper with bonfire, water, and pastel.