Christian Schütz

Christian Schütz

Location: Germany

1941 Born in Berlin
1958 Prohibited from studying in the GDR because of political essay written by the artist
1959–1961 Studies at the Berlin University of the Arts (painting, book and graphic art)
From 1962 Works for the GDR television — experimental films, scenography, graphic
art and advertising
1979–1985 Temporary prohibition on work
Since 1962 Independent artist (painting, graphic art, drawing, photography, digital
Technologies and cinematography)
1980–1985 Studies cybernetics, semiotics and logic
Since 1998 Actively resorts to digital and computer art, mixed media and technologies.

Works on thematic cycles addressing relations between acoustic and visual art (Ba-Ch, Strings) and human body with its expressiveness and temporality (The Human Body — Head and Body, Penthesilea, The Dream — Weightless). A large thematic complex features the problems of signs’ universality in their communicative and meditative form (The Wanderer, Runes).


June 2012 Solo exhibition, Russian State Museum/Museum Ludwig, St. Petersburg